Tulsa Memorial (OK) wing/forward Keylan Boone was one of the very best prospects at the Elite 14 Showcase. New highlights on the junior after the jump.

Keylan’s ability to space the floor at a legit 6’8 is eye-popping in person. Boone was able to knock down several jumpshots from both distance and midrange with ease. He also thrived in the open court as a passer, pushing the ball in transition for a few dribbles before finding teammates in stride for easy shots. Keylan showed flashes of his athletic ability as well, showing some verticality when finishing on a few occasions in addition to running the floor extremely well for a prospect of his size. The high-upside prospect has the look and tools of a high-major 3 and D wing that buries shots from the perimeter while having the size and athletic ability to make life difficult for the opposing team’s best offensive player. See below for highlights.