Justin Northwest (TX) sophomore Julien Smith was one of the very best perimeter prospects at the Elite 14 Showcase. Hit the jump for fresh film on the 6’2 guard.

This was our first live viewing of Julien, and his combination of size, shooting ability and basketball IQ at the guard spot was extremely impressive for an underclassmen.  Smith has a very smooth looking jumpshot, with good arch, nice rotation, superb balance and range to 25 feet. What sets him apart as a jumpshooter is the ability to connect off the dribble as opposed to being strictly a catch and shoot prospect. As a shot creator, Julien displayed the ability to change direction and speed with the ball before knocking down a gorgeous floater from 8-12 feet consistently. While more of a scorer at this point in his development, Smith flashed some nice vision from the free throw line area against the zone defense. With continued development of his ballhandling in conjunction with natural physical growth, Julien has the potential to be a high-major prospect down the road. See below for highlights.