2019 forward Carrington McCaskill continued his coming out party at the NEO Spotlight Top 20 Combine. Hit the jump for fresh highlights of the athletic 6’7 junior out of Detroit Renaissance High School.

Carrington was quite possibly the best overall athlete at the NEO Spotlight event, as he tested off the charts in the combine testing portion of the event. During drill work, McCaskill showed a nice midrange jumper off the dribble and a plus shot from beyond the arch coming off screens. In five on five action he put on an absolute show and was a highlight-reel waiting to happen. In the first game he was matched up against a team featuring top 30 prospect Alonzo Gaffney and Carrington made his presence felt. In an 8 minute session he finished with 8 points and 6 rebounds. He showed elite offensive rebounding ability, he’s an extremely quick jumper that gives multiple efforts and has great touch around the rim with either hand. He brought the house down within the first 3 minutes when he caught a two-hand tip dunk on an unsuspecting defender. All day long McCaskill showed explosiveness in the open floor after grabbing defensive boards and pushing it the length of the court before finishing emphatically. He has the look of a face up combo-forward that can stretch the floor a bit. There’s no denying that Carrington’s best attributes are his physical gifts, but his skillset is developing rapidly. His combination of size, length and athleticism is bordering on elite status. He may be trending toward a high-major prospect sooner rather than later. See  below for highlights.