2018 combo-forward Seth Mann was one of the most versatile prospects at the Level Up Elite 80 Showcase. Hit the jump for highlights of the skilled senior out of Petoskey High School.

Seth really impressed with his ability to play multiple spots on the floor and be effective. He did a superb job in the paint crashing the offensive glass, where he was able to come up with multiple rebounds and convert putbacks in impressive fashion with his off-hand. Mann also showed tremendous skill as a more of a perimeter wing, knocking down multiple threes off the catch from the wing. His understanding of off-ball movement was among tops at the event, as he timed up crisp cuts to give his guards passing angles to deliver him the ball in stride for layups. Seth displayed tremendous grab and go ability, pulling down defensive rebounds before pushing the ball up himself and finding teammates with accurate passes through the teeth of the defense for easy finishes at the rim. See  below for highlights.