2019 wing Kobe Brown was one of the most talented underclassmen we viewed during the Spring/Summer. Hit the jump for fresh highlights at the Adidas Summer Championship in Las Vegas.

Kobe was unstoppable for large stretches of the second half during a close game against Castle NYC. The 6’7 wing repeatedly got to the rim and finished as the ballhandler out of high pick and roll sets. He also displayed a nice handle on a few occasions with sudden crossovers that created separation against his defender for clean looks. Brown’s ballhandling and spatial awareness at that size are extremely impressive for any prospect, let alone a sophomore playing up a year. He has some explosion around the rim as well, as he get off of his feet quick in tight spaces. Kobe has a good looking stroke off the catch, with good arch and nice rotation.  Brown averaged 11.4 points, 4.1 rebounds and 2 assists per game on 51.7% from the field through 7 games at the Adidas Championships. Although the EM Top 200 for 2019 has not been released, Kobe will most certainly be in the upper echelon of that group when it debuts. See below for highlights.