2018 wing Mickey Pearson is an under the radar prospect with a great looking stroke and good athleticism. Hit the jump for highlights of the high-upside 6’7 junior at the Adidas Summer Championship event in Las Vegas.

Pearson was one of the more well rounded wing-forwards we viewed in Las Vegas. Mickey displayed a great shot from the perimeter both off the catch and the dribble. He buried multiple shots from distance from catch and shoot action with a high release point and good arch. The most intriguing portion of Pearson’s game were his flashes as an on-ball player, as he looked more comfortable as an on-ball creator than we’ve seen on prior occasions. On a few possessions he was the ballhandler in pick and roll sets and buried jumpshots when the defender went under the screen. While his ballhandling and shot creating ability have improved a good deal, he still displayed all the other positive attributes you’d like to see in a wing/forward. He finished with authority around the rim and had a highlight-reel facial on a few Urban DFW defenders that showed how explosive he can be. Defensively he did well as a helpside shotblocker, showing good recovery and quick-jumping ability. Mickey picked up an offer from Saint Louis last week and he’s definitely trending up toward the mid-major plus/high major tier of prospects for the 2018 class and will enter the EM Top 200 when released within the next week. See below for highlights.