2019 guard Tre Mann was extremely impressive at the Fab48 event, and was one of the better perimeter scorers we viewed regardless of class. Hit the jump for fresh highlights of the 6’2 guard in Las Vegas last week.

Tre displayed beautiful mechanics on his shot with great arch, good rotation and nice balance. He knocked down 4 triples in a high level matchup against Meanstreets and didn’t need a ton of shots to do so. Mann showed good athleticism in the open court when he came up with a steal near half-court and took it coast to coast with speed before throwing one down with good verticality. In the half-court he was able to attack a closeout and get to the rim before finishing through a bit of contact. Tre has good size for a PG at 6’2 and can play on-ball as a playmaker or off-ball based on his superb shooting ability. While the EM Top 150 for 2019 has yet to release, Mann will definitely be included in that group upon its debut. See below for highlights.