2019 wing CJ Walker was stellar at the Fab48 event, and was one of the better prospects we viewed regardless of class. Hit the jump for fresh highlights of the 6’8 wing in Las Vegas this past weekend.

CJ was one of the best two-way wings we viewed during the final live evaluation period of July. In a high-level matchup against Meanstreets, Walker imposed his will as a defender by blocking multiple shots as both an on-ball defender and on the helpside.  His combination of size, length, athleticism and timing makes him of the better defenders we’ve viewed this year regardless of class. Walker is absolutely elite in terms of turning defense into offense. On multiple occasions he blocked a shot before either pushing it coast to coast for the finish or sprinting the length of the floor before teammates found him for layups. In the half-court, CJ looked fluid on both the perimeter and as a post option. On the wing he was able to create space off the dribble with good change of direction and footwork before knocking down a midrange jumper. With his back to the basket he dispayed advanced use of the pivot and his footwork looked superb for an underclassmen.  While CJ is flying a bit under-the-radar, we absolutely love his game and his upside. At 6’8 with great length/athleticism and the skillset to play multiple positions on either end of the court, he is one of the best prospects in the 2019 class. Although the EM Top 150 for 2019 has not been released, Walker will most certainly be in the upper echelon of that group when it debuts. See below for highlights.