Day 3 Las Vegas Standouts

Day 3 Las Vegas Standouts

Endless Motor was on hand for the Adidas Summer Championship and Fab 48 during the last July evaluation period. With tons of star power in the buildings, there were a few prospects that stood out among the crowd.




Most Versatile: Darius Bazley (2018/6’8/Meanstreets)

Day 3 Wrap-Up: The wing/forward was impressive and active against E1T1 at the Fab48 on Friday morning at Bishop Gorman HS. Darius displayed the full arsenal on offense, handling the ball as the primary handler for large portions of the game and finishing several times at the rim with the off-hand or creating easy baskets for teammates after breaking the opposition down. He buried a catch and shoot 3 from the right corner and caught a highlight-reel lob that brought the crowd to its feet. Defensively he blocked shots, altered a ton more and cleaned up the defensive glass before pushing the ball in transition. Bazley finished with 18 points, 10+ rebounds and 3 blocks and once again had the look of a young Lamar Odom.

Stock Prediction: Currently sitting at #28 of the EM top 150, Bazley solidified himself as an elite prospect during the July period. He may be trending up for the August rankings update, as his two-way impact places him among the very best in the country.

Recruitment: Darius is committed to Syracuse and is the perfect fit for coach Jim Boeheim with his size, length and skill. Darius has the ability to play multiple positions on offense depending on the opposition and is a matchup nightmare with supreme ballskills at a legit 6’8 that can score and create for others. On defense we can not think of a better fit for the Syracuse 2-3 zone, as Bazley’s length and rebounding will allow him to play at the top or the backside of that base set.




Best Floor General: Mike Devoe (2018/6’4/Nike South Beach)

Day 3 Wrap-Up: Devoe had the look of a top 5 point guard when South Beach matched up with the New York Rens at the Fab 48 on Friday morning. His court vision and passing ability is absolutely elite and it was on full display this game. Mike repeatedly broke the defense down from the dribble off the high ball screen before getting into the teeth of the defense and finding teammates on the move for easy buckets at the rim. While he isn’t considered a great athlete, he finished at a high level around the rim against bigger defenders using great body control. Devoe has a very nice handle, plays the game at his own pace and never allows the defense to speed him up. His spatial awareness and ability to create quality shots for himself and teammates is truly special.

Stock Prediction: We have Devoe considerably higher than any other service at #38 of the EM top 150, and that may be a bit low. Our live evaluations of Mike during July place him among the very best point guards in America and he deserves to be mentioned in that conversation.

Recruitment: Mike has picked up offers from Ohio State, Indiana, VCU and West Virginia within the past month alone. Additional offers include Florida, Pitt, LSU, Clemson, Miami and UConn among others. The saavy and skilled point guard is in the midst of the proverbial blow-up, as college coaches are no doubt seeing the same talented prospect we’ve been high on for quite some time.  While some think Devoe will ultimately end up staying home and choosing the Florida Gators, he maintains no leaders and does not appear to be in a rush to make a commitment.




Mr. Motor: Emmitt Williams (2018/6’7/E1T1)

Day 3 Wrap-Up: Anybody that has viewed Emmitt live knows that he’s going to outwork his opponent on nearly every possession and that held true against Meanstreets at the Fab48. Williams dominated the offensive glass and had several putback dunks, finished in transition and blocked several shots and altered a ton more. His combination of size, athleticism and sheer will allow him to check nearly every position on the court. While Emmitt’s motor and production is never in doubt, his skillset can go a bit under-appreciated at times. He dispayed good vision out of the high-post on a few occasions and hit teammates for clean looks once the double came. There simply aren’t many players that impact the game as much as Williams on a possession by possession basis.

Stock Prediction: A five star and #15 in the EM 2018 rankings, Williams did nothing to make us uneasy about his lofty status. He simply produces at both ends of the court on a consistent basis to at a clip that is undeniable. He’s among the very best prospects in the entire country.

Recruitment: Emmitt’s recruitment has become a blueblood affair, with Duke and Kansas recently extending offers. Williams rarely discusses recruiting and nobody has a real feel for where he’s leaning. One lucky school will be blessed with a Day 1 contributor with elite athleticism and competitiveness.




Best Underclassmen: Will Baker (2019/6’10/Basketball University)

Day 1 Wrap-Up: Friday afternoon was our first live viewing of Will when Basketball University took on the Dallas Mustangs, and boy were we impressed. It is extremely rare for underclassmen to excel playing a year up on a shoe circuit, even moreso for underclassmen post prospects, but Baker did just that. At a legit 6’10 he displayed the ability to score at all three levels and his stroke is a thing of beauty. He knocked down midrange shots from the free throw line area against the 2-3 zone defense and connected on a triple out of pick and pop action. Not just a finesse player, Will also scored with his back to the basket. He buried a jump hook over his right shoulder and backed his defender down with 1-2 dribbles before converting at the rim on a few occasions. Baker had a few putbacks as well and showed nice passing ability from both the high post and the block.

Stock Prediction: While we do not have the EM 2019 Top 150 just yet, be assured that Baker will be among that group and most likely in the top 50 range upon release.

Recruitment: Will’s recruitment is already trending toward bluebood territory. The junior-to-be currently holds offers from UCLA, Texas, Auburn, Georgia Tech and Oklahoma among many others and it appears to only be a matter of time before other big time programs follow suit.




Beast Mode: Kofi Cockburn (2019/6’11/New York Rens)

Day 1 Wrap-Up: Kofi is an absolute physical specimen at a legit 6’11 and likely close to 300 pounds of muscle, and he certainly flexed it against Nike South Beach on Friday at the Fab48. In the first half South Beach went with a 2-3 zone in an effort to prevent Cockburn from getting the ball but that did little to prevent the big man from going off. Within the first 10 minutes of the game, Kofi received the ball and absolutely hammered home big time dunks on a crowd of South Beach defenders on no less than 5 occasions. He dominated the glass and was just a man amongst boys in the paint. There was literally nothing South Beach could do to stop him from imposing his will on the game. While we’re certainly not projecting him to be a player of this stature, Cockburn’s physical dominance and mean streak reminded us of a smaller Shaquille O’Neal. Kofi easily finished with a double-double in a throwback performance from a legit big man in an era where perimeter shooting is all the rave.

Stock Prediction: The EM Top 150 for 2019 has not made its debut as of yet, but when it does Kofi will be among that group and likely in the upper tier of post prospects.

Recruitment: Cockburn has become one of the most sought after underclassmen in the nation since April. He’s collected offers from the likes of Oregon, UCLA, Syracuse and Indiana since that time. We suspect his offer sheet will be filled with blueblood programs come this time next year as post prospects of his size, athleticism and motor are not common in any sense of the word.