2018 wing Robert Woodard II was one of the most productive prospects this Spring on the Nike circuit. Hit the jump for Spring EYBL highlights of Endless Motor’s #35 player.

Woodard is one of the most well-rounded small forwards in the country. Offensively, Robert has the skillset and versatility to play on the perimeter or the post. He can make bigger defenders pay by taking them off the dribble in isolation or pick and roll action where he can score at the rim or find teammates for easy baskets. Woodard is also comfortable on the block, where he will bully smaller defenders to the rim and score with ease when the mismatch presents itself. He also does a good job of playing off-ball and spacing the floor with a superb midrange jumpshot. Defensively, Robert is simply an elite rebounder with a non-stop motor. He high points the ball with two hands and gives multiples jumps. As a helpside defender he blocks or alters a ton of shots and makes like difficult on opposing guards trying to finish at the rim. Woodard projects to be an instant impact two-way player the next level with a college ready frame, athleticism, and the skill to play multiple spots on the floor. Robert averaged 15.1 points, 10.2 rebounds, 2.2 assists and 1.2 blocks per game on nearly 50% from the field during the EYBL regular season. See below for highlights.