2018 big man Valdir Manuel is showing a versatile skillset with the NJ Playaz on the EYBL circuit. The 6’10 junior is solidifying himself as one of the best post prospects in the country.

Valdir is one of the most skilled big men we’ve viewed during EYBL play this year. His vision and passing is what truly sets him apart, as he’s an outstanding passer from the post. Manuel also has phenomenal hands, and catches passes in tight spaces with consistency. Valdir shows nice footwork on the block, and uses his pivot to get defenders off their feet in order to get clean looks. Perhaps the most intriguing part of his game is his outside shooting, as Valdir shows the ability to step out and bury shots beyond the arch.  He’s a very good rim protector and rebounder that has great timing with his on-ball and helpside shot-blocking and rarely fouls the opposition.  See below for highlights.