6’6 wing Romeo Weems is adding new tools to an arsenal that was already lethal. The 2019 5star is evolving into one of the most versatile and skilled players in the country at multiple positions.

Already known as a great athlete with a motor that is nearly unmatched by anyone in his class, Romeo has really progressed in terms of his on-ball playmaking skills. This weekend he consistently created space off the dribble with change of speed and change of direction ballhandling before raising up to knock down shots from beyond the arch. If that continues to be a part of his game, Weems is nearly unstoppable. He also looked very good from the mid post area, where he used superior speed to get a clean look and knock down midrange jumpshots in the paint. Romeo also displayed grab and go ability, as he obtained defensive rebounds and took it coast to coast before finishing or finding teammates for open layups. Romeo is trending toward a prospect that can score at all 3 levels, while being a great rebounder with tremendous vision, and that is a scary thought. See below for highlights.