Mechanics True jumpshot with good elevation. Good mechanics on shot overall, but displays a slight kick in his legs at times that makes taking a balanced shot difficult.  Good upper body mechanics, but release point is a bit late, causing shot to lack enough arch at times.

Off the catch – good shooter off the catch, difficult to block his shot based on elevation in conjunction with height/length. Will usually take a quality shot off the catch with a good chance of connecting

Off the Dribble – excellent shooter off the dribble going left. His ability to hit a stepback jumpshot off 1-2 dribbles from either midrange or 3 rates among the very best in the country for prospects of his size. Not as fluid as a shooter going right (common to many right hand prospects).



Ballhandling – Average to above average ballhandler for a prospect of his size. His dribble is hard enough to control the ball without threat of losing it when he has space to operate. His head is often down when he dribbles against pressure defense though, mitigating his ability to create for others because he doesn’t see the entire floor. Doesn’t have good enough first step acceleration to create separation off the dribble against guards/wings in a straight line. Doesn’t display ability to change direction with the basketball when his defender beats him to the spot or helpside defense cuts off his initial straight line. Does not get all the way to the rim off the dribble based on lack of accelertaion and change of direction ballhandling. Prefers to go left with much more volume because that is where he is comfortable getting off his shots. Can get off his own shot going left off 1-2 dribbles. Not a real turnover risk when handling because he generally kicks the ball out when defender cuts him off or helpside cuts off drive after 2 dribbles. Not a high volume isolation/pick and roll prospect off the dribble at this point in his development in half court settings.

Passing – Very good passer from the top of the key and the free throw line area when he has space to operate and see the floor for a prospect of his size. Does a great job of leading teammates to open areas and gaps where they are in position to score. Better passer from stagnant position as opposed to off the dribble because his head is up and he can see over the top of the defense based on his size/height. Off the dribble, he is almost strictly a kick-out type prospect as opposed to a creator that will find bigs for easy dumpoffs once the helpside defense commits. Doesn’t see the floor as well off the dribble. Would likely thrive as a passer at the FT line area against a 2-3 zone.


Post game not really developed or fluid at this point. Does not effectively use pivot foot to create separation for clean looks. Slow movements in post area, fails to make aggressive moves in a straight line toward the middle or quick baseline spins moves that should be relatively easy for a prospect of his size and athletic ability. Fails to use size and strengh advantage to his benefit at the high school level. Consistently takes fadeaway jumpers/hooks after taking 2 dribbles to get closer to the basket. Does not embrace contact in paint area when receiving post entry passes. Tendency is to take 2 dribbles to get himself within 8-10 feet of the basket and then settle for fadeaway jumper or hook.


Runs the floor extremely well for a prospect of his size. Really fluid as a ballhandler in transition and consistently looks to get the ball in the middle of the floor to open up finishing lanes for teammates. As a transition ballhandler, he’s much better as a passer than a fnisher. He finds the middle of the floor and generally finds teammates for good looks once the defense commits to cutting off the middle. He’s a good finisher as the trailer in transition and displays the ability to finish with either hand with good elevation and body control. Great ability to be a rebound and go type at the next level with his combination of athleticism, size, ballhandling and passing.


Verticality – Above average to good verticality. More fluid jumper off 1 leg but still gets good elevation off 2 legs.

Lateral Agility – Average to above average lateral agility for a prospect of his size. Displays ability to stay with guards/wings for 2 dribbles and will beat larger wings to the spot on defense at times. Ability to be above average perimeter defender with continued strength/conditioning and development at college level.

Strength – Average strength, not weak by any means, but doesn’t necessarily use his strength advantage to his benefit at the high school level. Does not embrace contact in tight spaces at this point. Will need to develop more aggressive mentality in that regard

Straight Line Speed – Above average speed for a prospect of his size. Not a blazer, but can transition from defense to offense in hurry on a functional basis, either with, or without the ball.

Explosion – Good athlete in space, but doesn’t display quick-twitch athleticism in tight spaces when being defended. Generally needs space/running start to utilize athletic abilities


Likely Position in College- A small power forward that can stretch the defense with his shot and take advantage of bigger defenders on the perimeter off the dribble, at least early in his college career. After a few years of development, he has the potential to be more of a true small forward based on his lateral movement, athletic abilities, and ballhandling/passing skills. There are definitely some tools present in terms of being a playmaker in the half-court, but will need a bit of development to get to the desired level.

Strengths – Definitely a very good shooter first and foremost. Will likely thrive in pick and pop action where he can catch and shoot from distance. Can also thrive in isolation situations occasionally against bigger defenders where he can utilize the midrange stepback off the dribble to get clean looks. Passing from the top of the key is a tremendous asset – has really good vision and leads teammates to open areas for clean looks. Good handler in transition that will find the middle of the floor and get the ball to teammates for easy layups. Above average/good athlete now with potential to be very good athlete with proper strength and conditioning development.

Areas for Development – Needs to develop ballhandling while keeping the head up and develop change of direction dribbles in order to become more of an on-ball playmaker. This will help him see the floor better to create easy looks not only for himself, but more importantly teammates. Will also help him get all the way to the rim off closeouts or when bigger defenders are checking him. Need to adjust release point slightly so that arch is consistent. Need to develop pivot/footwork in order to become post option in the paint. Need to embrace physicality and and contact rather than settling.


Isolation Defense on Wing – Fluid defender that turns hips and moves feet well for a prospect of his size. Has ability to beat  wings of similar and larger size to the spot when taking multiple dribbles. Has potential to be above average/good perimeter isolation defender at next level with continued development

Switching on Screens – Makes hard, quick hedges and shows ability to stay with smaller guards for 2 and perhaps 3 dribbles depending on quickness.

Communication – Consistently communicates with teammates when getting screened so that offensive player is always accounted for.

Helpside Defense/Rotations – Inconsistent. Shows ability to make proper rotations at times, but too often is caught stagnant and doesn’t rotate at all. Needs to improve reaction time on helpside rotations, has ability with athleticism and size.


Does a good job of playing 3/4 defense and moving his feet in order to deny the post entry pass from the guard. Also jumps passing lanes when entry pass has air on it to get steals and deflections. Sample size too small to make evaluation for post defense once he actually has to defend the post upon entry pass being completed.


Will box out when already engaged with another player in the post or the perimeter and then pursue the ball. Rarely finds a man to box out when not engaged with a particular player, far too much standing around and lack of ball pursuit in those situations. Often caught flat footed and staring at the action as teammates pursue the ball. Rarely grabs rebounds outside of his frame. Does not give multiple jumps for rebounds. Not nearly physical or energetic enough on the glass for a prospect of his size and athletic ability. Motor and reaction time needs a lot of work when rebounding and pursuing the ball.