Houston Hoops’ Mitchell Seraille put on an impressive display of athleticism and skill over the weekend during EYBL session 1. The 6’7 forward proved he can thrive playing against the best talent in the country.

Mitchell brought consistent effort all weekend long, running the floor as good as any prospect at his position during session 1. That effort paid off as Seraille was able to get out in transition and finish above the rim with great body control and verticality. In the halfcourt Seraille displayed some good ballhandling ability on a few occasions that caught many by surprise. More than anything though, Mitchell’s motor is what makes him a special prospect. He gives multiple jumps on the glass consistently, and just plays with an intensity level that is on a higher level than most others. It was a successful weekend for the ESPN 4star, as he averaged nearly 5 points, 8 rebounds and 1.5 blocks per game while shooting 71% from the field. See below for highlights.