Endless Motor Sports had the privilege of speaking with 2017 guard Greg Elliott fresh off his commitment to Marquette on Tuesday. Greg walks us through what sold him on Marquette, his role for the Golden Eagles, and what he’ll bring to the court starting in 2017.


EM: What sold you on Marquette?

GE: The coaching staff, my friendship with Jamal Cain, and it was the place I felt most comfortable.

EM: When did you know you were going to commit?

GE:  A couple days after I got back from the Michigan State visit I knew it was the best place for me.



EM: What type of role does Coach Wojciechowski see for you at Marquette?

JC: Coach sees me playing a lot as a freshman as long as I work hard. I can play the 1-3 and I’m good defensively.



EM: What type of game are you bringing to Marquette when you step on the court next year?

GE:  Detroit PSL basketball. Tough, gritty basketball and play with a chip on my shoulder like no one is better than me.




Greg is a high upside prospect at 6’3 that will bring a ton of athleticism and defensive ability as soon he steps on campus next year. Greg is one of the most underrated passers in the Midwest, his ability to see the floor of the dribble and make precision passes after forcing helpside defense is tremendous.  He is absolutely superb in transition as either a ballhandler or finisher on the wing. Elliott gets down the court with the ball extremely fast, he just puts so much pressure on the opposition.  As a finisher he uses good verticality and body control to finish over defenders. While Greg may not have the biggest frame at this point, he does not back away from contact at all. In fact, Greg is one of the most physical players I’ve seen from the guard spot, he embraces physical play at all times and absorbs contact while still finishing. As an on-ball playmaker, Greg can create shots for both himself and teammates. While he doesn’t have a flashy handle in the mold of Jamal Crawford (who does?), Greg is a good ballhandler on a functional  basis. He does not overdribble and changes speed and direction when necessary. He’s really good in pick and roll sets where he attacks the rim with speed and purpose, while forcing the defense to make a decision. If the helpside defense sags off he looks to finish at the rim, once the defense commits he’s really good at finding the roll man for easy layups. As a shooter, Elliott is very good from the midrange off the dribble, as he consistently knocks down 15-18 foot shots all over the floor. From distance, Greg is above average and displays really solid mechanics. Generally speaking, free throw percentage is a good indicator of how good a prospect will be from distance at the next level. Greg shot 84.9% during EYBL play in 2016, and that bodes really well for his 3 point shooting at Marquette. I expect Greg to be a good 3 point shooter in college that hovers in the high 30s in terms of percentage, as he has a really good shot from distance when his feet are set. Greg is a very good rebounder for a wing and demonstrates good motor and multiple efforts on the glass. Once Greg adds muscle and strength to his frame, he should become a very good multi-positional defender, as he has ideal length and lateral agility to defend perimeter players at the 1-3 spots. Greg has the potential to become a lockdown perimeter defender for sure.

Bottom line is that Marquette snagged the most underrated perimeter prospect in the country in my opinion. He is the prototype combo-guard in terms of having a versatile skillset and good athletic ability. Marquette fans should be really excited that Greg hasn’t even touched the surface of his full potential, as he will no doubt add a ton of muscle mass and refine his skill set as a freshman. Greg has a rare combination of skill, length, athletic ability and motor that could see him be an all Big East type player in a few years. More than anything on the scouting report, Greg Elliott is just a competitor. He plays at 100% every single play, on both ends of the court and does not back down. Greg is the epitome of a dog on the court, he just has it in him to be candid.

I’ve had the honor of covering Greg in depth for quite some time, and have enjoyed watching him play. See below for recent highlights I’ve put together on Greg during 2016 EYBL and his senior year of high school.