2018 ESPN 4star guard David DeJulius (Detroit East English Village Prep) has committed to Michigan. After the jump, David speaks on why he committed to Michigan, his role for the Wolverines, and what he’s bringing to the table in 2018.

      I. THE OFFER

EM: How was the conversation with Coach Beilein, what did it feel like to actually have that offer from Michigan?

DD: It was great!! I talked to him right after the game (46 point game against Dakota) and the next morning. He told me how I’m a perfect fit for Michigan. How he wants me to lead the team and that all the coaches were cheering when he put the offer on the table.



EM: Congratulations on your commitment to Michigan. Was Michigan your dream school growing up?

DD: Thank you sir, and most definitely. Ever sense I thought about playing basketball Michigan has been my dream school. Then when Trey Burke walked through the doors I really fell in love with it!

EM: Other than being a school you loved growing up, what were some of the factors that led to you picking Michigan?

DD: The education and great environment first and foremost. The ball stops bouncing after a while and I want to be successful afterwards.  As far as on the floor, watching how Coach Beilein’s been known for specializing in point guards. Being 45 minutes from home and the coaching staff is great. For them to be literally cheering for me is amazing.



EM: What role does Coach Beilein envision for you – point guard, combo-guard, shooting guard?

DD: Michigan plays a two point guard offense. Not a 1 and a 2. He says he’s going to start the best five. He wants me to come in lead, and be aggressive from day one. Get it and push, but be fundamental as well.



EM: Can you tell Wolverine Nation what you’re going to bring to the table starting in 2018?

DD: I’m going to bring a classy, respectful guy off the court and a bull on the floor. I’m going to go out day-in and day-out and compete. I take pride in my school and I know that I’m not bigger than the program so I’m going to play hard, lead the team and have fun doing it.