Will Richardson is an elite student-athlete currently attending Liberty County in Midway, Georgia. After a great Spring/Summer with the Georgia Stars, Richardson is sure to see his recruiting profile explode nationally. Will has cemented himself as one of the top point guards in Georgia for the class of 2018. Most impressive about the point guard is his vision to find teammates, size to see over defenses while still being able to put the ball in the basket.


EM: Congrats on the great Spring/Summer, can you tell us how things went for the team and for you individually?

WR: I played on the Nike circuit with the Georgia Stars and we did pretty good. I ended the summer with the 17u Celtics in Vegas on the Adidas circuit.

EM: Can you describe your game for those that are not familiar?

WR: I play point guard. I’m 6″4, have a nice handle, can shoot the ball, score in a variety of ways, and have a high IQ. I’m becoming more athletic.

EM: How often do you work on your game?

WR: Everyday. I’m focusing on getting stronger and more athletic. Making my shot more efficient off the dribble.


EM: Can we talk a bit about your interests as a student, what is your favorite subject?

WR: My favorite subjects would be science and math.

EM: What do you plan to major in when attending college?

WR: Biology. I’m trying to be a physician assistant.


EM: Shifting a bit to recruiting, can you tell us which schools have offered?

WR: Georgia, Georgia Southern, Auburn, and UAB.

EM: Which schools show interest that haven’t yet offered?

WR: Butler, Arizona State, Georgia Tech, Stanford , Clesmon, FGCU, Tennessee Tech, Middle Tennessee, Tennessee, Rhode Island.

EM: What factors are important to you and your family when making your college decision?

WR: Education comes first then what campus and coaching staff makes my parents comfortable. Comfort, an atmosphere that feels like home, and the playing style that fits my game.


EM: Any personal goals on or off the court?

WR: On the court, win another state championship this year. Off the court, I’m trying to get my body stronger.

EM: Last, if you could give the youth some advice on how to succeed either on or off the court, what would you say?

WR: Stay focused and never be impatient. Your time will come if you put the work in and take full advantage when your opportunity comes.


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