Francis Okoro is an elite student-athlete currently attending Normal Community West in Normal, Illinois. Okoro enjoyed an excellent Spring/Summer with the St. Louis Eagles AAU team on the EYBL circuit and ended the summer with a #19 ranking nationally for the class of 2019 per 247Sports. Francis is a high major talent and its his combination of length, strength, athleticism, and motor especially on the boards and defensively that will keep coaches tracking his growth.


EM: Congrats on the great Spring/Summer, you turned some heads with your ability. Can you tell us how things went forthe St. Louis Eagles as a team and for you individually?

FO: I played for the St. Louis Eagles in the Eybl but did not play some of the tournaments because of personal matters, so I’ll have to wait for the school season and next summer to impress.

EM: Can you describe your game for those that are not familiar?

FO: I’ve been playing for two years and I am an all around player. I can shoot the midrange, score, rebound, block shots and dribble the ball. I mainly love playing the face up game and been really working on my foot work.

EM: How often do you work on your game?

FO: I work out two times a day. 2 hours in the morning then 2 hours after school, mainly focusing on my shooting, dribbling, and post moves.


EM: Can we talk a bit about your interests as a student, what is your favorite subject?

FO: I love math.

EM: What do you plan to major in when attending college?

FO: Computer Science.

EM: What are your interests off the court?

FO: I love fishing and soccer.


EM: What factors are important to you and your family when making your college decision?

FO: Best fit for my game and where my family supports my choice. I want a place that will prepare me for the next level if I put the work in.


EM: Any personal goals on or off the court?

FO: Stay out of trouble, get good grades, help my family, and help kids who have cancer in the future if I make it to the highest level. Its all in the hands of God and how hard I work.

EM: Last, if you could give the youth some advice on how to succeed either on or off the court, what would you say?

FO: Focus on your goals, make sure you stay out of trouble, always listen and learn from your teachers and coaches, never feel that you are too smart to learn. Put God first, school and family second, and always try to be humble.

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