Jarrod Simmons is an elite student-athlete currently attending Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. Jarrod is considered one of the best High School prospects in the country, currently ranked as the #26 power forward in the country for the class of 2017 per 247Sports. The 6’7 forward is a hot commodity for college coaches seeking a combo-forward that can stretch the defense with a good outside shot, while still possessing the size and physicality to defend the post and attack the glass. Best known for knocking down jumpshots with a sweet stroke, Jarrod also holds down a 3.6 GPA at Cushing Academy.


EM: Can you tell us how things are going for Mass Rivals as a team and for you individually?

JS: Things are great playing for Mass Rivals. As a team we’re pretty unstoppable and play harder than anyone else, so we’re never out of a game. Individually, those guys have given me lots of exposure and have put me in a position to be successful. It’s the Rivals way.



EM: Can you describe your game for those that are not familiar?

JS: I’m a forward with perimeter skills. Can bring the ball up, plays hard and rebounds relentlessly

EM: How often do you work on your game?

JS: Everyday. It’s hard to stay out of the gym.





EM: Can we talk a bit about your interests as a student, what is your favorite subject?

JS: My favorite subject is English or Science. Writing has begun to grow on me.

EM: What do you plan to major in when attending college?

JS: I’m undecided on my major as of now.

EM: What are your interests off the court?

JS: Off the court I love playing NBA 2K, Madden, FIFA, listening to any type of music, and especially hanging with my family.






EM: Shifting a bit to recruiting, can you tell us which schools have offered?

JS: Pittsburgh, Temple, Georgia Tech, St. Joes, Yale, Princeton, Texas, Providence, St. Bonaventure, Brown

EM: Which schools show interest that haven’t yet offered?

JS: Harvard, Stanford, Kansas State

EM: Which schools are recruiting you the hardest?

JS: Princeton, Yale, Brown and Temple

EM: Any visits or team camps lined up in the near future?

JS: Definitely going out on visits in August depending on how July goes

EM: What factors are important to you and your family when making your college decision?

JS: Just being comfortable with the staff and being with people I trust.

EM: Do you have a timeline for your decision?

JS: I think I should have a decision by September.





EM: Any personal goals on or off the court?

JS: Just to be the best in everything that I do, and work hard

EM: Last, if you could give the youth some advice on how to succeed either on or off the court, what would you say?

JS: To work hard everyday, and don’t let someone else tell you what you cannot do. Do well in the classroom and on the court. No one said it would be easy. And most importantly get buckets.


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