Jordan Mitchell is an elite student-athlete currently attending Gahanna Lincoln in Gahanna, Ohio. Mitchell is one of the most highly touted freshman in the entire country, debuting at #22 in the Prep Insiders 2019 Top 25. The 6-foot-7 King James (15U) forward is already receiving heavy interest from several high major programs as he impresses with his combination of length, fluidity, and ball skills on the hardwood.


EM: You’re running with King James (15U) on the AAU circuit, can you tell us about how things are going as a team and for your individually?

JM: Well we’re still trying to figure out how to gel together as a team. We have new people on the team which means we all have different roles to play in the game. We have players still trying to figure it out. This season for me has been going great and the offer from Ohio State makes it even better.

EM: Can you describe your game for those that are not familiar and what parts of your game do you work on?

JM: People describe me as being smooth and a player that can do whatever you need him to do on the floor. The parts of my game I’m working on is getting my jump shot to be more consistent, getting bigger, and being more aggressive.


EM: Can we talk a bit about your interests as a student, what is your favorite subject?

JM: My favorite subject is English. 

EM: It’s early, but do you have any idea on what you want to major in when attending college?

JM: Probably major in sports journalism.

EM: What are your interests off the court?

JM: I like to play video games, listening to music, and watching tv.



EM: Which schools show interest

JM: Iowa, Arizona, Xavier, OSU.

EM: Any visits or team camps lined up in the near future?

JM: When we go to Vegas, I think we’re probably going to visit UNLV, but we’re doing team camps at OSU, Dayton, Xavier and a few more. 


EM: Any personal goals on or off the court?

JM: Off the court, I want to keep my grades on the level they’re on now. On the court, I want to gain more offers before the season starts.

EM: Last, if you could give the youth some advice on how to succeed either on or off the court, what would you say?

JM: Hardwork and determination can help you can make it really far in life.

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