Xavier Tillman is an elite student-athlete currently attending Grand Rapids Christian in Grand Rapids, MI. The 6’8 power forward/center is one of the most physical yet skilled post in the entire country, currently ranked the #78 player for the class of 2017 per Rivals. Playing for Spiece Indy Heat (IN) on the AAU circuit, Xavier Tillman will help his ball club vie for a spot in the EYBL Peach Jam tournament with his blend of strength, footwork, and endless motor.



EM: Congratulations on winning the Class A district basketball title for Grand Rapids Christian, can you tell us a bit about how things went for your highschool team and for you individually?

XT: Well, we were 22-2 and were a very tough team to beat, and I was named all state, all area dream team, and all conference, all thanks to my teammates for putting me in a position to make plays.

EM: Can you describe your game for those that are not familiar?

XT: I have a high motor and am a team player who is physical,vocal, and intense.

EM: What weaknesses/holes in your game do you work on to make strengths?
XT: I work on my shooting, athleticism,ball handling, and on ball defense. 






EM: Can we talk a bit about your interests as a student, what is your favorite subject?

XT: Math is my favorite subject. I’m currently in algebra 2.

EM: What do you plan to major in when attending college?

XT: Not sure yet, but probably coaching and if that doesn’t go through, I wanna be an agent. I’ll probably take communication, business, marketing, and advertising classes.

EM: What are your interests off the court?

XT: Hanging with my girlfriend Tamia and either watching Empire or going to the gym.




EM: Shifting a bit to recruiting, can you tell us which schools have offered you?

XT: Michigan State, Purdue, NC State, Marquette, Notre Dame, Iowa, Kentucky, and Ohio State.


EM: Can you tell us a bit about your relationships with MSU/Coach Izzo and the other coaches recruiting you?

XT: Very good, I’ve known those guys for a long time, and I have a real good relationship with the coaches, and I talk to Coach Izzo and Coach Stephens a lot.

EM: Any visits or team camps lined up in the near future?

XT: Haven’t scheduled any but I will take some in June.

EM: What factors are important to you and your family when making your college decision?

XT: That what ever school I choose has to feel like a family and that all the players and staff are on the same page.



     IV. AAU

EM: Can we talk about AAU and your Spiece Indy Heat club, how have the 2 weeks gone for you on the EYBL circuit as a team and individually?

XT: The two weeks have definitely been a huge learning experience for me, and what I mean by that is I’m learning how to be a better teammate. I’m also learning how important it is to put shots up in the gym and stay in the weight room because these guys in the EYBL are no joke. I’m not taking anybody lightly.

As for the 32 point game, all the credit goes to my teammates and my coaches. It goes to my teammates because they’re the ones who throw the ball down to me, and to my coaches for telling me to make a strong move and go up with it when I get the ball.




EM: Any personal goals on or off the court?

XT:My goals now are too get in to Peach Jam, get into the Nike Global Challenge, and to finish school with a 3.6 gpa.

EM: Last, if you could give the youth some advice on how to succeed either on or off the court, what would you say?

XT:Focus, focus, focus, and work hard in everything you do because it will pay off.


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