Jamal Dunk

Endless Motor Sports had the privilege of sitting down with 2017 4 star wing Jamal Cain and family fresh off their visit and academic tour to the University of Michigan.  In part 2 of the reaction, we go in depth with Jamal and family to discuss the offer and their interest in UM.

EM: Can you walk us through how and when Coach Beilein offered the scholarship?

JC: It was the very end of the visit and we were sitting down with Coach Beilein and he said ‘what would be your interest level  be if I offered you a scholarship?’  I said 10 out of 10! And then he said ‘how would you feel if I offered you a scholarship?’, and I said good!  Coach Beilein then stood up and said ‘I’d like to offer you a full scholarship to U of M’, and shook my hand.

Mom: The entire family had big smiles on their faces, and the entire coaching staff as well. It was a very exciting moment for the family.


EM: Did Coach Beilein give you a timeline in terms of a possible commitment?

JC: Coach Beilein said ‘I want you to seriously think about it and sleep on it’, he didn’t pressure me to commit.

Mom: Coach just informed us that he wants us to be deliberate with the process, and if you do decide to commit make sure its the right fit, because he doesn’t like to have kids decommit, he’s had issues with that in the past.


EM:  How do you feel about Coach Beilein as a coach and mentor?

Mom: I think Coach is a great guy, a very trustworthy and ethical man that I would trust my son with.

JC: I like him as a person, he’s not what you would expect from a college coach. You can talk to him about personal issues beyond just basketball. He’s a straight shooter that doesn’t sugarcoat anything and I respect that.


EM: Is UofM a school you are strongly considering?

JC: Yes, UM is being strongly considered.

Mom: I will say I was really impressed by UofM, I think UofM improved their position with us a family.


EM: What was your favorite part of the visit?

Aunt: Certainly the Academic Support Program for the athletes is by far the best I’ve ever seen! I love that Coach Beilein prioritizes education, that he cares so much about Jamal becoming a great man rather than just a great basketball player. Also, we were really impressed by the expertise of the strength and conditioning staff’s program to get Jamal physically prepared for the next level of basketball.

Mom: Well, my sister pretty much stole my ammunition (laughs), but I was also very impressed with Coach Beilein’s video presentation of where and how he would like to have Jamal playing on the court.

JC: I don’t know if I can add much more (laughs), but I was really glad to get the scholarship offer.


EM: What would you rate the visit from 1-10?

Mom: Let me answer that – a 10!

Aunt: I’m going 10 1/2!

JC: Yeah, what they said (laughs)