Cain 1

(Photo Credit – Drew Hudson @stayfocused1975)

Endless Motor Sports had the privilege of sitting down with 2017 4 star wing Jamal Cain and family fresh off their visit and academic tour to the University of Michigan.  In part 1 of the 2 part reaction, we go in depth about the mechanics of the academic tour and basketball presentations.

EM: Congrats on the UM offer! Can you walk us through the visit mechanics?

JC: We went straight to the practice facility when we arrived, toured the weight room and trainers room as well. After that we went to the academic center, we met with a few people there and talked  about the academic side of things as far as the academic support/requirements and the alumni base. I spoke with the director of atheltic-development and we spoke about a 40 year plan as far as my life goals, and developing from a boy to a man. Then we took a tour of the athletic facilities and some of the new developments around campus. After that, we sat down and talked with Coach Beilein about the basketball side of things.


EM: Can you shed some light about the academic presentation?

JC: The great people over at the academic center gave us an overview of the degrees that are available and how many credits/courses are required. Also went in detail about the tutoring that is available to the athletes. I was definitely impressed by that.

Mom: We really love the fact that individualized tutoring is available exclusively for the athletes. That really stood out to me, I was really impressed by that. We also love the fact that in addition to traditional lectures, the discussion portion of the classes are really small at 10-15 people, which will allow Jamal to get more individualized attention for his studies.


EM: Did Coach Beilein have any words/advice in terms of academics?

JC: Coach Beilein said that my education is not only his responsibility, its his priority.

Mom: Coach assured me that Jamal would receive a first rate education and that he would ensure Jamal gets the absolute most out of his studies if he attends UM. Coach Beilein does not tolerate slacking off on the classroom side of things at all.


EM: Can you tell us a a bit about the basketball presentation?

JC: Coach Beilein showed me film of Tim Hardaway Jr. and Zak Irvin, and said he wanted me to play a similar role at the shooting guard/small forward spots, and that I would be used in that way. Coach Beilein said I could really thrive in that role at UM.

Mom: Coach Beilein said he wants Jamal to be a wolf on the court! And he wants Jamal to be more aggressive! I liked the video presentation of how Jamal would fit in basketball wise. Its one thing to hear it, but to see it visually kind of brings it all together.


EM: Can you tell us what Coach Beilein likes about your game and what things he would like you to improve on?

JC: Coach Beilein really likes the fact that I can knock down shots from the perimeter, make athletic plays at the rim, and rebound the ball well. He also said that he likes the fact that I make the extra pass, but he wants me to be more agressive with handling the ball and creating more opportunities for myself.

Mom: Coach Beilein said he was really a big fan of Jamal’s energy on the court and how he makes hustle plays. He referenced a recent highlight clip of Jamal coming from the weakside to the strongside for a rebound and putback. Coach said he was really impressed with the amount of ground Jamal covered.



Stay tuned to Endless Motor Sports for Part 2 of the reaction, as Jamal and family discuss the offer process and their interest in UofM.